Hard Rock Mineral Research

AMR's founder has been working as a prospect generator in SW Oregon for many years and has a massive library of research in the area.  AMR is now preparing to commercialize our proven systematic approach to developing hard rock properties.

High Grade Mill

AMR will soon develop a high grade mill specific to the geology of SW Oregon to capture the gold and other precious/critical minerals.  A pilot mill has already been tested with success! 

Our Projects

Giving Back to Josephine County

AMR desires to give back to the community by assisting our home county, Josephine County, in mineral research and related economic development efforts.  In 2020, AMR became the first company to ever obtain a mineral exploration permit on a Josephine County owned forestry property.  This property has historic gold production and can produce much more than timber in time!

Experience in SW Oregon

AMR's founder Michael Cope has almost 30 years researching minerals in SW Oregon and is credited for the discovery of native Tellurium in SW Oregon.

Gold Reserves

Some of our properties have core-drilled gold reserves and all of our properties have successful historic gold production.  Most haven't been drilled and we'll be increasing gold reserves significantly with drilling!

Hard Rock Consulting

AMR's founder has been studying, researching, and developing the hard rock mineral resources of SW Oregon for many years.  Contact us if you are working on a hard rock property in SW Oregon to see if there is a partnership potential!

Mineral Property Development

AMR is a junior mining company developing a portfolio of mineral properties in SW Oregon.  We put our money where our mouth is, so to speak!

Mineral Assay Lab

AMR will soon develop an assay lab that serves AMR's mineral development projects.