A New Generation of Mineral Development

AMR is developing an assay lab that serves our own mineral development projects.  Having a lab close to your mineral property is a key to hard rock mining success!

Watch our founder in this NewsWatch 12 Oregon Trails video series where he tells about the rich history of mineral resources in Josephine County and how the Grants Pass vocational mining school was created by Oregon's governor Martin right after the worst of the Great Depression and became the foundation for the State's current Department of Geology (DOGAMI).

SW Oregon's One-Stop Shop for Mineral Research, Mineral Property Development, and Hard Rock Mining Resources
AMR's founder has been studying the vast mineral wealth of SW Oregon for many years and has developed a proprietary approach specific to the local geology.  While gold abounds in SW Oregon, other minerals such as tellurium (used in solar panels) are also a target of AMR's research.  AMR has an extensive library, mapping system, and ownership of critical minerals and precious metals properties in SW Oregon and is preparing to commercialize our systematic approach to developing SW Oregon hard rock mineral resources.

Do you want to partner with the local experts in developing your hard rock mineral property? We are the leaders in precious metals and critical mineral research in SW Oregon.  Give us a call!

Assay Lab
Mineral & Mining Consulting

Developing Mineral Properties While Protecting the Environment
American Mineral Research (AMR) is a junior mining company based in the beautiful surroundings of Grants Pass, Oregon. Southwest Oregon was built from mining communities and contains hundreds of historic mining properties that have never been developed using modern mineral development methods.  AMR has developed a proprietary small scale, high grade micro-mining program that allows mineral property owners to benefit from the rich geology of SW Oregon while protecting natural beauty of the area.

AMR is a junior mining company developing a portfolio of mineral properties for critical minerals and precious metals such as gold and tellurium in SW Oregon. 

Mineral Property Development
High Grade Milling

AMR is developing a high grade mill specific to the rich geology of Southwest Oregon.  We have already built and tested a pilot mill circuit  and will soon be ready to build a larger commercial mill!

Watch our founder in this NewsWatch 12 video where he tells the mystery metal history story to the NewsWatch 12 Oregon Trails series in 2012 as he began to publicly tell the story.  Check out more of the story on our page HERE.